Redirack storage systems are the number 1 industrial shelving used for storage solutions in Canada

Whether you are looking to organize a warehouse or a smaller space such as a garage or wood shed, we will help you find the right racks for your specific needs at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price.

There are many advantages to buying used industrial racks. Not only will you save money but you will benefit from a wide inventory of racking and quick delivery.

Many factors are to be considered when shoping for industrial racking, such as the available space and the weight capacity needed to support the stored product. We will help you find the right racking system for you.

Our used racks are in mint condition;
quality at a great price.


The Safety bars

The safety bars fit across the two beams as extra support. They are usualy used when storing pallets. The quantity of safety bars needed depends on the lenght of the beams. Our inventory holds most sizes and we also have universal safety bars as well.

The Wire mesh decks

The wire mesh deck serves as surface support for your stored product. With its crossed wire and integrated safety bars for support, the wire mesh decks is a strong solution for storing boxes and unconventional sized items. Our inventory holds different sizes to fit moste standard racks.


The Uprights

The upright is the lateral structure that upholds the beams in place. We have a wide variety of Redirack uprights of different widths and hights. We can also trim the upright to the needed hight.

The Beams

The beam serves as support for your stored product. Two beams are necessary to form a shelf. They are hooked on to two uprights and may need extra support from a few safety bars or wire meshdecks. We have different sizes of beams in stock. The larger the beam is, the stronger the support. We have different types of beams in stock, such as box beams, step beams, angle base beams and base beams.

Weight capacity

When shopping for industrial racking, many factors are to be considered. The weight capacity depends on the mesurements of the pair of uprights in proportion with the mesurments of the pair of beams used and also, the number of levels and the space between them. The safety bars or wire mesh decks add to the solidity of the overall racking. Another thing to consider is the weight distribution of the stored product.